Haus on Handy Facilities in surprise. What are they?

Amazing facilities in Haus Handy Road Condo

Step into Haus on Handy, and you've stepped into a paradise where anything can be true. You can be open-mind and relaxed as a luxury resort. Because everything is designed to be recently perfect so you can spend more time to amuse. Haus on Handy site plan has full and unique utilities which include a guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, swimming pool, BBQ pits and children playground. The condo provides full for your family entertainment needs or your loved one, indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle in the heart on Handy Road.

From the complex of the shopping center, come with Haus on Handy Road condo you can access many eateries with various type of food and varying prices. If you need an affordable meal then you should find fast food or food court. In addition, you can visit a plenty of restaurants and dining destinations in which you will choose your favourite foods. To sum up, shopping with dining and other entertainment options are also available at your doorstep. Being in Singapore's vibrant, charming and colorful Orchard paradise, the property serves up some of the best experiences that this city-state can offer. In facilities area, contemporary fashion feast on Singapore's best local and international food or live in the moment at one with nature. A nice impression makes this all possible with a locale that appeals to every taste.

Haus on Handy facilities sits on a prime piece of land that represents a timely investment for CDL Group to replenish its land banks. The project will be highly sought for buyer home who would like to purchase residential properties in Mont Sophia area. Mount Sophia doesn't fall short of medical facilities to cater to the medical needs of its residents. Moreover, it just a short distance away from the piece of land to hospital and clinics around. The various medical practitioner such as dentist, eye or skin specialists and general. The convenience shows that the resident in Mount Sophia gets the medical attention with citizen needs in the last possible.

With the emphasis in design to bring the best utility for residents, precise details in sensible space planning have resulted inefficiently planned interiors that give residents quality of space to ignite and inspire personal freedom to express their desires. Along with upcoming condo, Haus on Handy developer equips the finest quality finishes and branded fittings and appliances, meticulous attention has been invested in every detail to enhance your modern comforts




You can be relized that Haus On Handy condo draw especially with condo buyers due to many factors such as the bustling residential, green, fresh space and an element secrecy as the kich with home investor. Discover NOW!